My brothers embarrising me what do I do

by happycat5342 January 01, 2015
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The telephone was first patented by Alexander Bell, thus giving the colloquialism, to bell someone.
I'll give you a bell later. (I'll give you a telephone later).
by paaaoaososkkooime. January 22, 2019
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me. iā€™m hot and sexy. iā€™m a huge ass venti simp. uhh- and the only 2 things on my mind at all times are Venti and Boobs :) also pp is gross lolol
bells, oh yeah they are so fucking hot lolol
by VentiTheBabe April 23, 2021
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the girl with a 10 foot long dick and 3 feet wide
bell was nice
by its big boy November 08, 2019
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