Testicles. a slang term for a mans tackle. Also refered to as one of the following.
We were playing hockey and Joey took a puck right in the bells!
by Chives November 25, 2003
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1. A thing used to make jingley sounds

2. A money piece in Animal Crossing (video game)
Do you hear the bells?

I have so much bell!
by Richard [Zeratual] November 30, 2002
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To walk with a rhythmic limp, somewhat like a pimpwalk. It's a stroll done by Los Angeles gangstas/street people/hoodstas. Preferably done with a rag in your back pocket. Remember: Crips to the left, Bloods to the right.
Mack 10: "Bellin' through the hood with stripes."
We had on locs, and was straight bellin' through the swapmeet yesterday.
by LawTheStryker May 08, 2007
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somebody who likes to be seen in the right places to hangout in and wears the all the cool clothes.
look at that lad, he´s such a bell!
by Brucio November 24, 2008
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Abbreviation of Isabella. The most freaking amazing person you will ever meet. She is always concerned for you(maybe because you are extremely weird but mostly because she is amazing) and makes sure your ok. She has the best sense of humor you will ever find in a human being and looks pretty freaking cute (not that that matters with her goddess tier personality) with a devil horn snapchat/insta filter (ide have social med so idk which one it is but for no fucking reason i have that picture printed out on on my wall don’t judge me pls. If you couldn’t tell already i definitely don’t have a massive crush on bell. the gif doesn’t even begin to show how much i look up to bell but yeah.
via giphy
by fhhdifhsbbdofj txliditxgj hvgb October 19, 2020
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the quick use of the word 'bell end' often preceded by an adjective

see bellend
'dat boy is a complex bell'
by strous May 05, 2005
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