To ridicule a post by means of inserting the lyrics to bel air
Or Blair as Bmorians like to call it. A place, located in the middle of no where but the people think they run the world, full of rich families and their mom got scared
And said "you're moving with your auntie and uncle in bel-air"

I begged and pleaded with her the other day
But she packed my suitcase and sent me on my way
She gave me a kissin and she gave me my ticket
I put my walkman on and said I might as well kick it

First class, yo this is bad,
Drinking orange juice out of a champagne glass
Is this what the people of bel air are livin like,
Hmm this might be alright!

I whistled for a cab and when it came near the
Licensplate said fresh and had a dice in the mirror
If anything I could say that this cab was rare
But I thought now forget it, yo homes to bel-air

I pulled up to a house about seven or eight
And I yelled to the cabby "yo homes, smell you later!"
Looked at my kingdom I was finally there
To sit on my throne as the prince of bel air
by Richard C. Mongler January 7, 2007
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You are all very very wrong:

A town where everyone thinks that they are rich because their house have gone disgustingly over valued in the past 6 years, but NO ONE in the town is rich. If you think you or your parents are rich, your wrong, you wouldnt be living in this town if you were. also, im a bartender, and no one tips a damn dime in this town. Speaking of the bar, if you would like to understand bel air more, just walk into a busy bar on a friday night, you will understand bel air just fine after that. When you go into a bar on a friday night you find white trash, thugs, white kids who think their thugs, yuppies, preppies, dorks, sluts, and even plenty of gays. All this combined with alcohal?? Fights-- After living in bel air for the past 23 years here theres only one way to describe bel air:
Bel Air: the richest white trash in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!
by I HATE January 2, 2006
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Used to refer to the act of following a video link purportedly offering proof of some act, only to find that the video in question is the opening credits to the 90's tv show "Fresh Prince of Bel Air"
by KevfromWow January 16, 2007
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The town of Bel Air, MD, located in the heart of HARCO, is a place that is pretty much made up of nothing but posers. Every kid can be classified by group, ranging from goths to wiggers. But no one in any of these groups are for real. The goths only come out at night to make their weekly friday night trip up to the Harford Mall. This excursion consists of only a few activities: 1. Going straight into "Hot Topic" and never buying anything, just scaring little kids with their freakish clothing styles. 2. Next, they go straight to "Boardwalk Fun", a crumby little arcade in the back corner of the mall. Although only a few of them will actually play the games, they all stand in a circle at the entrance and give the evil-eye to all the preps, wiggers, etc. In the end, the goths are all just anime-loving freaks and geeks and thats the way they like it. The wiggers on the other hand, never leave the arcade, but stay at the same machine all night, trying to break the record on the punching bag strength tester. They look tough in front of their pregnant 16 year old slutty girlfriends, until the occasional ex-marine shows up at the machine and doubles their score in on shot, humiliating them. So after that they go outside, and for some reason, think that no one sees them standing in the corner of the entrance licking up a joint. Later in the evening you will see the emo skaters with their 24 inch pants around their 32 inch waist, carrying around their skateboards inside and out, never actually riding them, walking around sipping milkshakes from Friendly's. Over all this place is a cold war between all of these groups, every individual person thinks they're tougher than the rest of them, but in the end, they're all losers who 70% of them will end up in jail before 25, or die of drug overdose. Bel Air High is a place for sluts the get pregnant before they graduate, and for the wiggers to get their home-grown drugs. Nothing much else to say about that fine establishment. Bel Air middle on the other hand, probably deals just as many drugs as the high school. Crime is low in this town however, with the first murder in 23 yers that just aoccurred recently. Overall, Bel Air has its good points, but they are hard to name
Only in Bel Air...
-70 year old women with liberty spike mohawks who shop in Walden Books
by 138 June 3, 2006
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OKAY people here is the TRUTH about Bel air.. well as I see it. I dont no where those people above this got the whole idea about there being a lot of weed and all... right about now it can be considered dry. I know this and i dont even smoke weed. Noone is as rich as seemed unless you live in Todd lakes or something. People on here need to give it up.. yeah there are the groups but if your not a part of taht group your usually not hated on to much caues a year or so down the line youll change for the people your around. Yes bel air is all about highschool and the drama it brings. No you cant go to every door and ask for pot. my dad wont give it up that east lol j.p.. and some of the houseparties are good. they just usually get busted. The harford mall is not the hangout unless your goth or a girl trying to shop at american eagle and get those holes made in your pants.

Theres a lot to know about Bel air but why do you care? i dont
by vagina breathe August 16, 2005
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A town of backroads and cowfields. Place where you can always get tree, and go on long burn runs down thomas run, kalmia, whitehouse and every other back road in harford county. Town with the worst mall, shitty bars, and nothing to do but go for rides.
Only place where you can leave from downtown bel air on a burn ride and end up on I-83 towards PA!!! Gotta love the tree.
by Evanna Hitabubbla March 15, 2005
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a pretty boring town. it has everyone you'd expect to find( goths, geeks, jocks, potheads, crack ho's.) unlike contrary belief there are only like 5 "rich" people in bel air and they sure as hell don't go to school around here. Now i don;t do drugs or alcohol but i know it goes on a LOT around here. and pretty much nobody hangs out at harford mall. the only reason people go there is to hit up the pretzel twister. pverall though its just another boring hick town with nothing to do and all the kids just can;t wait to leave
kid 1: dude lets go to drugs and drink alcohol

Kid 2: ya! then lets go to hot topic and get some pretzels.

kid 1: damn i can;t wait to get out of bel air
by cutker December 8, 2007
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