An individual who is picked on mercilessly by his so called friends. Often four times the size of the average overweight individual, but always believes everything they hear on fox news. Daily diet consists of small woodland animals, large woodland animals, small woodlands, large woodlands, small and large city folk, small and large cities, small and large countries, entire planets, solar systems, galaxies, black holes, time and space itself and the unknown that lies beyond it. Has his very own gravitational pull. Usually doesn't swim as civilizations mistaking his body for new lands undiscovered will often settle on him.
Parent: "All five of my daughters were raped and murdered, cut into small pieces and fed to wolves!"

Behemoth: "yeah, but everything happens for a reason. A flower probably blossomed from the brutal raping and murder of your daughters."
by Damien marley cootenburry August 23, 2010
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Behemoth is two things 1) A huge lion like monster on the final fantasy series also see catoblepus who is easy as to kill even tho its mostly at the end of the game. and 2) A black metal pagan band that changed to a satanic death metal band
*sighs* why could they stay pagan
by Lord Of The Whores September 06, 2004
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Behemoth is a term used to describe a girl who looks like she's been nailed by 1000 black men.
"that girl had a huge behemoth between her legs, it was worse than a sasquatch and a mott"
by LongJ0n July 17, 2008
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gianormous, totally huge, like BIG
oh mi that was bloody behemoth!
HOLY DAAAM! u r sooooo behemoth
by sKoE March 21, 2005
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A HUGE SUV, RV or a 4x4 pickup truck jacked up with gigantic tires, usually with a pint sized bearded male driver or a soccer mom with a cell phone attached to her ear at the steering wheel.
" OMG, look at that ridiculous behemoth lumbering by!" (insert hilarious laughter here)
by Leigh Crutchfield May 26, 2006
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a massive man specifically of Italian nationality, usually has unbelievable strength, is hilarious, and has a third leg.
Danny Esposito is a behemoth.
by Giovanni March 06, 2005
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