meaning something that is huge in size. The word Behemoth however came from the islamic arab myth, bahamut, a gigantic fish-like creature.
i have a pet bahamut in my fishtank
by ikubaru June 07, 2005
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Something large and usually quite revolting to look at, can refer to something living, or something inanimate. Also a metal band, and a large sea creature.

Can also be shouted out as a random chant for effect in any conversation.
Man: Urgh look at that fat chick
Friend: Oh shes a total behemoth!

Man: Dude look at the size of that pimple!
Friend: How big is it?
Man: Its practically a behemoth!

Man:So I'm gonna go to the shop now
Friend: Behemoth!
2nd Friend: BEHEMOTH!
by Simon Alnaimi April 11, 2008
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A behemoth is usually used to describe an unusually large and powerful dick.
Captain Cave Man - You will all marvel behind my behemoth dick.

Mizzo - Hey guys, my dick is a behemoth.
Honky - Really?
Mizzo - Yeah. It's so big.
by Big ol Mizzo April 29, 2008
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This one species of moth, that whenever i have a party seems to make it into my basement. This thing must be at least 4 inches big, its huge and everyone hates it. Also when im smoking in a parking lot i see it flying around the lights.
Cortland: Behe-moth!!
Me: Fuck where?!
Some random skank: OMFG KILL IT!
by Your Favorite Band September 08, 2010
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A Giant creature, a Behemotrh is a big-ass creature...
... Jeff shoots an arrow at the BEHEMOTH.
Arrow hits it in the eye.
by Private November 07, 2003
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