when a thot is around and they need to begone!1!
kelsy: that girl looks like a thot
marta: she needs to begone
girl: hi guys!
marta and kelsy: BEGONE THOT!
by bEgOnEtHoT5577335511332244 October 30, 2018
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This is the most common phrase said upon the virgin. They are believed to say this to assure themselves that one day someone will love them, as much as they love dungeons and dragons and fortnite.
As archibald naruto ran down the school hallways, he ran into a few girls. They immediately began to vomit from the beast that stood before them β€œBE GONE THOT” he exclaimed, shortly after he ran into the bathroom to eat his lunchable and watch shemale porn. Hoping one day someone would touch his peen
by Mexican drug addict January 09, 2019
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The phrase you say when a thot corses you path. commonly mistaken for THOT BE GONE
"BE GONE THOT" he shouted as he charged into battle
by JONESBBQFOOTMASAGE January 16, 2019
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Person 1: Hey, do you know where the dag is?
Person 2: That's the 1 millionth time you said that.
Person 1: Que?
Person 2: BEGONE THOT!
by OoftheDoof! October 23, 2018
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A meme originally just referring to "That Hoe Over There" in a derisive fashion, now a classic all inclusive word used by Fire Emblem fans to refer to certain male or female characters (usually ones who are fan-service heavy types )-however it is still used both within the fire emblem fandom and throughout the internet as a term of abuse aimed at female sexuality.
my girl 5*Julia: *sees some bitch-ass Thot blue units*

Julia: -special instantly activates-"BEGONE THOT"

"As a member of the Thot killing patrol I cannot permit you to live"

Thot Bow : hey Alm, remember me?

Alm: "dear gods... it's a Thot!

Gramps: " Alm, drink this πŸ…±οΈotion and become a Thot slayer"

Alm: "Thanks Gramps"
by Smash and Fire Emblem October 24, 2017
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