1.)When you are bored and just start drinking beers.

2.)When someone has already given you a beer.

3.)When the foam from a beer gets on your chin, thus having a beer beard, known as a beerd.
-I don't know but since Charlie isn't answering his phone he's probably got beerd.

-Jose:"Hey I'm going back in the house you need a beer?"
Marty:"Naw man I've already been beerd."

-I wonder why those chicks keep giggling and looking down here? Ah I gotta take a piss...<Looks in mirror sees a beerd on his chin> Shit!...
by Curt A.K.A. Curtis Mayfield March 08, 2008
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Overweight, unemployed, bearded gentleman whose life revolves around waiting in line for rare craft beer releases, trading craft beer with other beerds, and debating all things beer/breweries/brewers.
The beerds camped out overnight for the bacon/coffee/jalapeno/wasabi stout aged in nacho cheese barrels.
by 90210 Lover January 14, 2015
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When you spill beer in your beard
Drunk Chav: lol dude this fucking beer is so good

Drunk Hippe: oh yeah dude peace n shit

Drunk Chav: omg ur spilling ur lsd filled drink lol

Drunk Hippie: fuckn shit man i got it in my beard

Drunk Chav: No fucker its ur beerd

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by ElectricBonnie June 01, 2018
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The ceremonious congregation of brew and facial hair in the latter stages of the delicate process of getting hammered.
"Dude, did that guy get a bukkake before coming here?".
"Nah, man, he's just got a beerd".
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by Ra's Berry April 20, 2018
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