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A gnome rogue who is quite possibly one of the most prolific and most popular players on the "Bleeding Hollow" server in the game World Of Warcraft. The butt of many jokes and the giver of his own, Beepo has been enjoying steady popularity in-game for close to a year.

Upon some of his former guildmates discovering he was African-American, a myriad of jokes were circulated among guildmates and friends, end eventually the server; one of his guildmates popularizing that he is black, therefore has a fetish for stealing bicycles, citing this on the popular YTMND page titled "Nigga Stole My Bike".

Since then, as many players on his server came to know of his ethnicity and of his guildmates pun on him, he is always referred to as a bike theif among other racial sterotypes and epithets. He seems to never become offended by the comments, and always returns with a simple laugh, or raucous jokes over VOiP programs many guild use in-game. A trademark phrase on the server, "Beepo, shut up!" has come to popularity due to the fact that he is very talkative, and can be very loud.

He is also known by his older guildmates and friends (from his former guild Pantheon Rangers and some of the older players on the server) to have extreme luck when it comes to random rolls for rare items. His rise to fame in that area was during his first raid with Pantheon Rangers in the dungeon Stratholme, where he won an epic item and just ebout every other rare piece of equipment that dropped, one of his guildmates sighing in relief and stating "Thank God he dosent need that" when a special item dropped his class had no use for. It usually got to the point where random people denied him spots in raids, fearing he may win the items they were seeking. This was eventually quelled however, as it was known that players who supported his antics and cheerful disposition to mutinize any leader that denied him a spot in a raid. I was actually a victim of this at one time.

During December 2005, he was offocially recognized by two of Blizzards GM's, notifying a player that if another player he was complaining about "ninja loots"(steals) another item, they would have Beepo "steal his mount"(though not possible in-game) and take it to the Great Anvil in Ironforge to scrap it for parts, further building on his current stable of being a bike theif. This has been confirmed to have occured.

In later times, he eventually gained popularity from random players on the server, and he has enjoyed the ride since then. It is not uncommon to see people sending various emotes to him as they're walking by, or say/yell various things at him or about him in chat.

He has been guilded with the same group of player since he started the game in November 2004, but after one attempt to leave his current guild, Dissension, and two attemps to drop playing the game altogether, he finally had to fully resign from the guild Dissension, citing that he just could not keep up with their raid schedule. Even though he is currently guildless and plays signifigantly less than he used to(which was dangerously excessive while he was unemployed), he is still trying to find another guild to raid with, and his popularity and legacy are still considered to be on a steady climb. There currently is a guild populated by alternate characters and chinese farmers known as Beepo Stole My Bike, which seems to be growing.

Rumor has it that if he does not find another guild to raid with, he may lave the server if given the oppurtunity. Beepo denies this completely, stating "I've been through way too much shit with the people on this server to just up and leave, I've already tried. It just wouldnt be a party without them."
Beepo stole my bike!
Beepo is a theiving negro.
Beepo ganked my mount :(
Beepo, shut up!
Beepo ftw!
by Jeremy Lionsen May 18, 2006
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Beepo is used for playful banter to call your friends.
Beepo is basically another word for dork, nerd, geek , etc.

a playful insult / greeting.

Could be the brother of BMO from adventure time~
What’s good beepo?
What’s poppin beepo?
How are you beepo?
Beepo did you seriously just do that?
Oooof beepo whyyyyyyy.
by UrLegitSenpaii~ January 03, 2018
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