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Something you say to yourself when you bump into objects or other people, or when you knock something over on accident.
1: You walk into a sliding glass door "Oooof"
2: You trip and fall "Oooof"
3: you bump your head "Oooof"
by TylerZeta October 20, 2011
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Not to care about something but needs to say something

The state of dying

Reaction to stuff
You don’t care
Oof I fell over
Ooooooooooof I don’t care

Ooooofs as in I don’t care 🤷 ♂️
by Who wants to know Ha ha not u January 21, 2019
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An audible exclamation said in response to a turn-on.
Shana's booty looked so damn fine, I couldn't help but utter 'Oooof' when she stepped out of the shower.
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by biggerbadderwolf August 16, 2017
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Something you say in bed when you miss da puss puss
Bob: oooof!!
Girl: hahahahhaha idiot you probably missed!!
by Minecraftduddess100 June 05, 2018
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When talking to a hot girl with a boyfriend you jizz your pants, but still act cool even though it feels like you got kicked in the stomach
We were having a great time chatting then...Oooof.
by Bigpapawy May 11, 2014
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