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In the MMORPG World of Warcraft, the capital city of Alliance-factioned Dwarves, who are awesome, totally buff, and not at all fat and lazy. Also - Darnassus - not Darnissus, you dumb-ass.
BS LFW in Ironforge
by Sneakyelbow March 24, 2010
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A city in World Of Warcraft, where the fat, lazy, drunk race of the dwarves live. Gnomes also thrive there to, becuase thier home city of Gnomergan was destroyed and the Dwarves didn't help. Also, noobs constanly ask people how to get to ironforge even though they are in freakin' Darnisuss or Exodar
Night Elf noob: /2 how do i get to ironforge?
31337: /2 walk there from Rut' Theran Village, to darksore, then take the other boat to menthil bay. walk through the wet lands, through loch modan, into dunmorogh, then into Ironfordge. should take you the whole day. Or, if you're not a cheapass, buy a port to IF...
by michal angelo January 28, 2008
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