Beep Beep is the 20th track of Glory Days: The Platinum Edition, by Little Mix. Also the best song, we stan. 11th of June is International Beep Beep day made by @ shitty.lm.memes on Instagram
Happy International Beep Beep day!!
by beep beep stan June 11, 2021
Beep beep's are a rare or even mythical kind of person. If you see one, its like spotting a unicorn, leprechaun, Santa, Sasquatch/yeti, the Easter bunny, and extraterrestrials all within the same day. They are so amazing, there's no way to possibly describe them. If you find one, don't ever let them go. Beep beep's are the best kind of person you'll ever meet, they are everything beep beep's.
My beep beep is all I could ever wish for. She's my everything.
by Mr toadboat January 22, 2018
1. The sound cars make as their driver repeatedly stimulates their horn, bringing the far end of the hand down in a cupped shape. The mere sound of this stimulation causes nearby drivers to stimulate their own car's pleasure center, and soon all through the air is heard moaning sounds of joy from vehicles. Sometimes this induces severe road rage, which brings about the mounting of one car onto another in doggy style position. Unfortunately, sometimes the mounting proves too rough, and the car at the receiving end may be reduced to scrap metal.
2. A sound to bellow when planting a hot carl on a sleeping victim.
1. Car 1: "Beep Beep!"
Car 2: "Beep Beep Beep!!"
Cars 3, 4, 5, 473: "BEEP BEEP BEEP etc.!!!!"
A saying made as an alarm to indicate someone is in need of a hug.
Person1: I need a beep beep!
Person2: What’s a beep beep?
Person1: It’s my hug detector, I need a hug!
Person2: *Hugs person1*
by MiniMadi23 August 2, 2018
Beep Beep is an interjection that can be used in any way, usually in agreement to something another says or to show solidarity.
Coined by power couple Heather Newton (previously worked at Arby's) and Tuggie Muffkins (bus driver - what started the beep beep craze)
A: hapy muffukin tueaday muffukas jus git proved fo underployment cheks n govement sistance n now ima dooble dis shit downs at da casino wit Tuggie Muffkins

B: Beep Beep
by dankswank December 25, 2013
An interjection to something annoying/boring/unfunny, often used to either get someone to stop talking or to tell them they're being an idiot
Harold: Hey, what's a frog's favourite drink?
Beth: I don't know

Harold: Croak-a-Cola!

Beth: Beep Beep
by collided January 5, 2018
Any Nextel Direct Donnect enabled phone. Nextel Direct Connect chirp.
i860, i710,i530, 1830 etc.
by Alex March 27, 2005