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A beefer is someone that creates beef, drama, fights, etc.

by Chels <3 November 18, 2006
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You can look at her face and tell she ain't got that WAP.
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Slang term for a five pound note in the UK, became popular after the discovery of meat waste products in the production of the note.
Have you got two beefers for a tenner?
by Bellington44 December 01, 2016
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Royal Marine ( United Kingdom forces) slang for a male homosexual
"Do you know Ginge"
"He's beef"
"Ginge a beefer ?! Never"
by RGT March 18, 2007
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noun - a slang would for best friend for ever and ever
"yo tom, you're my beefer"
"dude kelsey, you're my beefer man"
by britney, bitch January 22, 2009
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When someone rips a fart which reaks up the general area.
Holy shit! Bob just ripped a big beefy beefer!
by Kernal November 19, 2004
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A person who is fat, socially awkward, extremely unathletic, and permanently smells like a mixture of body odor and farts. The central wardrobe items in every beefer's closet are tapered sweat pants, novelty t-shirts, flannel and jean jackets. Beefers typically sweat 8-10 times more than their non-beefer counterparts, and have armpit stains within 30 minutes of showing and dressing in the morning. Easily identifiable by their dirt staches, horrid breath and die-hard love for the game of hockey. Only males can be classified as a beefer.
Person 1: Did you catch a whiff of those fat losers trading hockey cards in the K-Mart parking lot yesterday?

Person 2: Yeah, what a bunch of beefers.
by cunigs July 23, 2009
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