A very sexy man. To be called Bede by anyone, whether or not it's your name, is one of the highest honours a man can get.
Girl 1: look at that guy over there.
Girl 2: oh my! I bet his name is Bede!
Girl 1: he's definitely a Bede.
by Sexy boi Bede October 19, 2019
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Bede (originaly a Pokemon sword/shield Charakter) describes someone or something thats either arrogant or stubborn
by SSGuy November 25, 2019
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a dog that exceeds the normal level of cuteness

source: the drowe bible
that is one cute bede.
by peter rowe December 16, 2007
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The act of being nestled cozy in bed, drunk or not.
Guy 1: where in the world is wesley?

Girl 1: wesley's passed out beded.
by TrinhR April 16, 2007
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"hey dodo whats with your nose"
"shuttup bede"
by bong March 15, 2007
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Bede is the fattest guy you will ever meet. He has no necks whatsoever and eats food all the time. He is smart and can name every restaurant in the whole world. Also known as gay in Viatnamese.
by jordanar150 August 26, 2021
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if your Vietnamese pal said this to you, you are clearly gay.
"Mom, dad, I'm bede."
"Du me may, may muon chet ha?"
by Mark Minecraft Lee June 16, 2020
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