A very talented musician. Uses lots of spanish and random sound effects. My favorite song, E-Pro. My second favorite, Where It's At. Also the mysterious song "Girl" which nobody knows the real refrain lyrics to. In the liner notes it says "Hey my ... girl" Thanks a lot Beck. People think that it could be: sun-eyed, summer, cyanide, cyan eyed, sinner, etc. I think it's cyan eyed or cyanide.

Odelay and Guero are great albums.
Beck is cool. He's only 5'7" but he's cool.
by bowser724 August 30, 2005
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The most mouth-watering nickname a Rebecka could get! Thats what a call i Becks!
by Rubbadubb May 08, 2011
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WHERE IS THE BECKS? i'm not drinking this molson candian shit!
by coca October 21, 2003
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1. Something which belongs to badass musician, Beck.

2. A lovely beer. Supposedly German in origin, tragically brewed 'under liscence' all over the place.
1. "Yo, don't be touchin' that shit, that's Becks."

2. "Beck is a fine brew. A bit of a pity it isn't from Germany, where it's roots lie, because it's brewed in the country of sale because it's cheaper to do so."
by tea chest January 27, 2006
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An Awesome artist known for his funky beats and mixture of all musics
but, does not get a lot of recognition from the main stream
"My sun-eyed girl, hey, my sun-eyed guurrrllllll
by Willie the Great May 20, 2005
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