dumb bitch who sucks all the happiness away
" dude, she's being such the beck again "
by tara cracker November 16, 2006
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1.getting wrecked by Edward beck
2. Talking about 1 thing for more than 10 mins straight

3. Talking about your Asian family and good for an unhealthy amount of time
3. Not teaching a class full of students and testing them on the unlearned material
I’ve just been becked and now I won’t be able to pass my ap world test

Omg my teacher just becked us by talking nonstop about his Asian wife and what he had for dinner last night. It was sooo funny!
by Imsofuckingdead74894 October 11, 2018
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A peng girl that is the one you love that is cute and beautiful. Her bob and wendy are oeng also but so is scoop and muck. You can’t forget about her dizzy. Her dizzy is peng af
Oh look she’s a beck beck.
by Dizzy_peng_af123 November 27, 2018
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An incredible badass who makes incredible badass music.
I am so gay for Beck.
by David. April 19, 2005
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a) An amazing musical chameleon who can do ANYTHING!
b) the epitome of hot
I love Beck.
And I'm a guy.
by Guero September 11, 2005
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When a teacher never teaches you, and then tests you on the things that they didn't teach. Popularized by Edward Beck. In order to be truly becked, the teacher must replace the learning process with throwing dice and listning to classic rock music.
Shit, I've just been becked and now I won't be able to pass my final exam.
by Santo San January 19, 2005
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A guy who specializes in using video game sound effects in his music, as well as random phrases in Spanish.

But all in all, a very good musician.
"Soy un perdedor...I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me?"
by AnarchyStar March 17, 2005
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