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This is completely, thoroughly, viscerally hip, cool, & dead-sexy. Like the musician, who emanates style, cool, and personal magnetism, its root and variants ("Beckish," "Becksy," etc.) are used as shorthand for someone who is drop-dead gorgeous or oozes sexual/physical energy.
Holy SHIT! Check out that (guy/gal) in the blue jeans. Totally Beck!

That low-cut blouse looks terribly Beckish on you.
by DanielNotDan July 12, 2019

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When a sexual partner doesn’t ‘hear’ nor audibly respond to the mad skillz you’re throwing down on them.

(This term is in no way meant to disrespect people who’ve lost their ability to hear/speak!)

Sex is a ‘conversation’ of sorts, each partner communicates to the other by way of their touch, actions, & feedback they give to one another.

Except for a fucking deaf mute.

They neither ‘hear’ what your doing to them and they barely — if at all — acknowledge or respond with so much as a, “Ooo! Yes!” to that crazy thing you’re doing with your whatever to their wherever.
Dude! I was ALL OVER her last night, but she barely made so much as a moan. She’s a fucking deaf mute
by DanielNotDan November 23, 2019

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This is the feeling of both dread and desire as one braces for the scalding hot beverage you're about to drink or sip from (usually, but not limited to) a hot "to go" cup. Your drink of choice is awaiting to be consumed -- but has been brewed and poured into a vessel that maintains its 387ºF (196ºC; 470ºK) temperature...so, it's CERTAINLY going to take at least 5 layers of skin off of your tongue and the roof of your mouth, as well as melt every amalgam filling you've ever had. It will certainly strip the first two layers of dentin from every tooth.... but... you simply can't resist. You MUST. Drink. This. NOW! Ever-so-carefully....
This (coffee/tea/etc) smells SO good! I better be careful though; they just poured it. I'm feeling overwhelming antisippation.
by DanielNotDan July 12, 2019

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