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The answer that most parents, (mostly moms) will give their child when they dont want them to do something or go somewhere. It is said because they know the child knows they have no answer, so they will simply say, Because i said so!
Billy: "Mom c'mon, please let me stay at Ben's tonight!"
Mother:"No Billy."
Billy: "Dammit why not!"
Mother: "Because I said so!"
Billy: "That's not a answer mom!"
Mother: "I'll pick you up in a hour, bye" **click**
Billy: "FUCK!"
by MITCHELL July 12, 2005
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Describes the basic reason for being told what to do, rational or not. Used by most parents.
Why must you do your chores? Becauseisaidso, that's why!
by G. Thomas May 21, 2008
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A parents way of saying, "Ask me again. I fucking dare you."
Kid: Why can't I go to my friend's house tonight?
Mom: Because

Kid: Why
Mom: Because I said so!

A smart kid stops the argument and keeps their mouth shut after this has been said.
by SmartAssKidSaysStupidStuff December 28, 2015
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