An imperious reply that an authority figure --- most often a parent --- impatiently tells someone under his/her care when he does not wish to admit that there is literally no good/valid reason why said dependent should have to comply with the directive, but the authority figure doesn't want to admit it.
Kids are smarter than you think --- if you tell them, "Because I said so!" even just once, they will never trust your judgement again.
by QuacksO October 30, 2018
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The answer that most parents, (mostly moms) will give their child when they dont want them to do something or go somewhere. It is said because they know the child knows they have no answer, so they will simply say, Because i said so!
Billy: "Mom c'mon, please let me stay at Ben's tonight!"
Mother:"No Billy."
Billy: "Dammit why not!"
Mother: "Because I said so!"
Billy: "That's not a answer mom!"
Mother: "I'll pick you up in a hour, bye" **click**
Billy: "FUCK!"
by MITCHELL July 12, 2005
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A thought-terminating cliché used by authoritarian parents to suppress disobedience and critical thinking in children. Often most seen in Asian parents.
Child: Can I get a switch for my 14th birthday? All my friends have one and I wanna play with them at recess

Parent: No. No fun allowed in school, only study.
Child: But why?!
Parent: Because I said so!!!
Some guy sitting next to them in public: *slow claps* Wow! What an answer! I'm sure your child is totally going to believe that one!
by UltimateDoge November 25, 2021
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An annoying term mostly used by parents when they don’t want their kid oing something that’s perfectly fine but the parent has no logical explanation why they don’t want them doing it, but doesn’t want to admit it
John: mom shook is done and billies my only rid

Mom: no your not going with billy

John: Why the hell not?



Mom: I’ll be there to pick you up in 45 —beep—

by Xidiocyx June 18, 2020
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A parents way of saying, "Ask me again. I fucking dare you."
Kid: Why can't I go to my friend's house tonight?
Mom: Because

Kid: Why
Mom: Because I said so!

A smart kid stops the argument and keeps their mouth shut after this has been said.
by SmartAssKidSaysStupidStuff October 29, 2015
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