Digital penetration of a vagina, finger fucking, finger blasting, sticking your fingers in tortilla soup, playing a game of stink finger, and etc.

Beaver is slang for vagina. Dam is mimicked by your fingers. Resembles the logs beavers (the animal) piles up to make their homes.
Male 1: How did your date to the movie go last night?

Male 2: The movie was lame but got some beaver dam action going.
by M_Dubz152 July 1, 2023
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The "cock block" for the female. When a girl is effectively cock blocked she has been beaver dammed.
She was beaver dammed by her girlfriend when she dropped the herpes word in front of the new guy
by jennyjustjenny December 20, 2012
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The feminine version of cock block; i.e. a girl who stands in the way of another girl who wants to talk to or meet a guy. Can be used as a noun or verb.
Who is that beaver dam?
She totally beaver dammed me!
by Jennifer December 26, 2005
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Cock-blocking a lesbian woman. The damming can be carried out by either male or female culprits.
by Three-Ball September 29, 2010
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I was trying to hook up with that cute guy at the bar, but Lori keeps beaver damming me.
by October 16, 2013
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preventing a female from hooking up with another person.
Man, this girls is diggin me but her friend keeps beaver damming me.
by Nippyfresh April 15, 2010
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