Beathing is like breathing but its not, since it misses an “r” and you have to do it manually now, its something different
by Izaak_and_gerrit_time February 6, 2020
someone who is dressed so fabulously OR so gay, that he/she is a "fierth beath".must be said with a lisp, and a gay hand movement.
stewart: chuck liddell is such a strong competitor!
yuni: yes, he is a fierth beath.

alex: omg. check out that hot guy's pink sequin pants!
yuni: omg what a FIERTH BEATH!!!
by yuni kim June 3, 2008
When you shove an apple inside your sister asshole and give it to your dad as a prank
I got grounded for doing a dirty beath
by YourMumIsQueer July 17, 2019
It is a small village near Cowdenbeath in Fife. Used to be a good place, it was the supposed birth place of Rangers Legend Jim Baxter. However is now a shit hole and was the supposed birth place of Celtic pleb Scott Brown. The locals are very much yokels and are often compared to people from the Deep South of America. Duelling Banjo's is often heard being played.
Are you off to Hill of Beath on a night out?" "Nae danger it's rougher than a badgers arse with industrial sandpaper strapped on!
by Johnny Bear Wrestler January 21, 2011
A small town full of yokels and banjo players near Cowdenbeath. One time respected town as it was the birthplace of Rangers Legend Jim Baxter. Sadly it is now full of neds and backwords people which is defined by the fact that Celtic Uber Ned Scott Brown was also born there.
Some say Deliverance was based on Hill Of Beath
Why is the chav with no teeth playing that home made banjo?" - "He's from Hill of Beath, he's a yokel" "Ah right
by Johnny Bear Wrestler January 21, 2011
A beautiful woman. If you ever encounter someone named Beathe you should be grateful. Beathe is someone you can trust and enjoy time with.
Boy: I met a beautiful girl, she must be a Beathe
by Hello there 354 March 3, 2020