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When you make a beat outta your mouth.
Person 1: That person sounds like a drum.

Person 2: Yer mate, that's called beatboxing. LOL
by ummm mmmhmmmm November 14, 2010
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When one takes a hit of marijuana so large the resulting cough sounds as if one is participating in the breakdown of a mid-1980's rap.
"Dan hit that J like it was 1986 - started beatboxing."
"That bong hit made Dan sound like he was recording an album with Doug E. Fresh he was beatboxing so bad."
by KeenTrager January 27, 2012
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When your talking casually and you fuck up on what your saying, such as miss pronunciation, or just forgetting what the fuck you were talking about, and you continue the sentence with beat boxing noises, and random letter repetition.

Yo man yo wanna go to the movi-m-m-m-m-Bum-Bum, HUH-HUH-HUH-HUH-HUH, r-r-r-r-r-r bum-bum, huhhuh, Yeah!


Man thats some good Beatboxing, your almost as good as Yung Al!
by Dirty Rick February 08, 2011
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When a man/woman sucks a penis like a rapper holding a microphone. This can also be done with humming noises and with a variey of rhythms to enhance the beat box effect.
I got the best head last night, Susanna was beat boxing my shit like Vanilla Ice.
by CPollardIV May 04, 2008
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Something you and I can not do.
Yea-no you can't beatbox. It's just to dang hard. I mean, if you keep at it you might be able to do beatboxing.
by Daft Punk Rocks October 28, 2009
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Beatboxers are poor street drummers & have-nots who entertain passers-by creating venues using adhoc buckets, boxes, tin cans & pails, often much better than those who got name-brand.

Beatboxing - Commercializing the persona of real-life actual quirky local or talented street personalities, such as Seinfeld’s NYC ‘Kramer’ or ‘Gus’, inspired by a Santa Barbara street Artist who does actual police sketches (2005–present) of unseen perps for victims.

These are typically co-opted as generic avatars, without royalties until production companies are finally sued. The practice is despicable because wealthy producers & actors are typically ‘robbing the poor’ to enrich themselves by taking unfair advantage of an original persona.
Them rich-ass producers down on Venice Beach be Beatboxing my homey with the broke-ass gig that he be doin for food forever, but he’s the Man!
by ZeroG May 15, 2018
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