A beatboxer: sombody who can create music with only their mouth. Beatboxers usually make beats, they can add bass lines or melodys, and somtimes the advanced beatboxers can sing whilst doing it.
Hey did you hear that beatboxer? He was amazing.
famous beatboxers include: Rahzel,Killa Kela,TyTe,Joel Turner and Poizunus
by James Kilbourne November 20, 2005
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A person who uses spoons to make sick ass sounds - SmVy
Mezzy: How are you so good at beatboxing?
SmVy: I use spoons =)
by fbgsrtbn July 4, 2006
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A lazy form of musician who is too poor to afford a drum set and believes that "beats" are one of a number of components of a song along with words and tune. Beatboxers are a dangerous animal to argue with as generally they lack the vocabulary to retort verbally or to otherwise effectively communicate, hence their preference for pre-linguistic means of interaction. Beatboxers therefore favour violence over verbal confrontation although typically lack physical development to be truly threatening therefore making an encounter just inconvenient and unpleasant for all involved.
A: I wouldn't go down that road.
B: Oh why not?
A: There's a beatboxer. First he'll ask you for money for the bus while he makes noises, then when you tell him his art form isn't real he'll shout monosyllabic words and become aggressive. You'll break his nose for sure and get arrested. It's not worth your time.
B: Wow, thanks for the warning.
by Jamal Cake June 30, 2014
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ones who wordbeatbox/word.
yo, that beatboxer was wordoff the hook/word.
by bud newman. February 28, 2003
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When you make a beat outta your mouth.
Person 1: That person sounds like a drum.

Person 2: Yer mate, that's called beatboxing. LOL
by ummm mmmhmmmm November 15, 2010
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1. verb; the attempt made by one to vocally replicate the sounds that would normally eminate from a drum set, drum machine or drum loop through a series of noises or popping sounds made with the mouth. 'beatboxing' is used throughout the hip-hop scene, and talented 'wordbeatboxers/word' can be found in several urban settings.

2. noun; a drum machine.

3. noun; slang for a wordboombox/word.
1. me and my friends freestyle rap a lot and i like to beatbox.

2. check out this sweet wordold school/word 808 beatbox.

3. yo, b! turn that beatbox down, i'm tryin' to wordpour one for my homies/word.
by bud newman. February 28, 2003
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Beatbox is the 5th element of hiphop and is known for its creativity of a person making sounds or beats with their mouth.
want to have a beatbox battle? i will trash you!
by EJL May 15, 2004
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