beanin is the vibe of a good time or being crazy(good brazy)
"Yo this nigga aint even beanin rn"
"ion fuck with this nigga he ain't beanin"
"Man im beanin rn"
by Beanin July 12, 2020
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One who thinks that he/her are punk, but really they are not and they listen to simple plan and good charlotte. Can also be used in reference to anyone who is trying way to hard.
Allister Bean: dude check out my old school connies and my hardcore simple plan t-shirt.

Random: clearly your beanin it....


Vinnie: Hey tony, check out my fully sick sub-woofer and ghetto blaster.

Tony: Vinnie your not even Italian, stop beanin it....
by Mark September 30, 2004
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The art or repeatedly wearing the generally outdated Ralph Lauren Polo's.
Jordan: Dude, did you see Jimmy's fresh shirt today?
Jay: Same as tuesday man, He has to stop beanin.
by Matchupichu October 26, 2010
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Beanin related to the word cappin/ wildin
My guy you scrait beanin rn”
“Nigga, bean”
by LadyGritter 😘💪💰 September 18, 2021
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