Referring to an epic gamer that beams people often
Have you seen Mic hail he is beamish
by Beamishman April 24, 2022
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1. Wearer of Mickey Mouse polo shirts, undersized dress shirts, extremely
small dress shirts, and shirts so inordinately tight one can still manage to
see the imprint of the jovial talking mouse on his chest days later.

2. A name so infamous, that when faced with the statement "I'm in the GH band."
the only response ever heard uttered has been "Damn that sucks." Band director of
Green Hope High School in Cary, NC, there are 4 different degrees of application of the number 40/3 to this name. It is the ratio of square centimeters of
headspace to hairs on his head, as well as the ratio of younger females to
older females hes hit on throughout the past few years of his
life. Thirdly, 40/3 also
represents the the ratio of discouraging to encouraging words spoken to my friends and I throughout our high school venture (and thats being generous). Finally, and oddly enough, take away the / and it is actually his last recorded weight in lbs. Go figure.

3. See "arrogant"
4. See "cocky"
5. See "completely absorbed in oneself"
6. See "Ego the size of Asia"
7. See "Adolf Hitler", "Humpty Dumpty","Napolean Bonaparte", and "That Queer Purple Teletubbie That I Swear Carried Around a Friggin Purse." Combine them all together into a tyrannical, homosexual, bald, rotund man and it yeilds the basic premise of the kind of man we deal with on a day to day basis. (Many of you are wondering how Napolean Bonaparte plays into this description. Take this as you will... An anatomical extremity of Napolean's is on display within the Smithsonian Museum. It is measured at 1.4" give or take.)
8. See "God carelessly let the Arch Angel of Special-Ed take control of the human making process while He took a vacation to Barbados when this man was concieved."
Did you know that music, what Beamish "teaches," is also what Satan's angelic talent was before he was thrown out of heaven? Coincidence? I think not.
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A delightful word, to describe people or faces bright with good cheer, forthrightness, optimism, or the like.
When she walked into the meeting, we all noticed how beamish her faces was. It was then that we knew she had beat her rival out of the promotion.
by Luddz June 21, 2015
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When one is to take advantage of a slightly challenged person. Then to take "advantage" of that individual.Weird faces are then made.
Hey what did you do last night with that yound lady
" i ran the Beamish special on her".
by Doctor Phil Mybumm March 16, 2009
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A whiny kid from his own Sega CD game.
The Adventures of Willy Beamish
by SuperKamptiA May 27, 2023
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The type of weather you typically find at the beamish museum in the north east of England. This weather makes a person feel drained, experience a headache and nausea.
Gee wiz, this beamish weather is killing me off... bring back the sun
by Swag and bone man June 17, 2020
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