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{Located in Cary, NC.}

1. Where you can have a 4.5 and still barely be in the top 20% of your grade.

2.Not known for any good sports, except maybe golf... or marching band and maybe swimming.

3. A place where students in Calculus talk about doing pot in the back of the class room and still maintain an A.

4. "Best Public School in Cary", maybe the world.

5. Also Known As: No Hope for Green Dope.

6. Home to the WORST drivers at a High School.

1. Green Hope High School Student: Aww Man, I only have a 4.5, I'll never get into college.
Other School Student: YEAH I HAVE A 4.5 I'M TOP OF MY CLASS!!

2. GH Student: How many football games did we win again?

Other GH Student: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... winning.

3. Calc Student 1: I need to calm down. I can get some good weed.

Calc Student 2: Yeah I have an A in here let's do it Tuesday!

4. Maybe not the world...

5. Middle School Student 1: Where are you going to high school?
Middle School Student 2: No Hope for Green Dope.

6. There were three pile-ups, with twelve different cars on the same day. Also, you cannot have a parking spot without having your car scraped by the frenzy of students trying to go home.
by This Is So Not Even January 24, 2011
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Home of rich preps and hot girls that party all the time followed by an ass whooping of weak Apex students,spring break,and thanks to the class of 07, the nice indian people at party beverage still have a job.
Green Hope High School Student: How many kegs is Green Hope having tonight?
Other student: many are left at party beverage?
by Officer Smith December 23, 2007
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