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1. as a verb to chirp, or make fun of.
2. as a noun
"Nice, shoes bud. Where'd you get them, West 49?"
"Are you beakin' man?"

"Hey buddy, did your mom cut your hair?"
"Haha good beak."
by P. Benz November 15, 2009

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A word practically inside of masturbation. The word is a verb which means to sterb.(to masturbate) It's a short and sweet word and its one for the books. Keep on sterbin'.;)
"Like honestly I sterb to Elliott Smith, he is soo sweet. I'd sterb him." Mabo

"Yeah, you sterb yet? I'm going without it for 2 weeks." W.Vinh

"I'd sterb to C.Ronaldo." Mabo (C.Ronaldo, Pro. Soccer Player)

"That was a Sterb-aca." Mabo
by P. Benz November 17, 2005

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Yeah Yeah is a sign that the person does not care or give 2 shits. It's an arrogant saying but it is very sweet to say to someone.
"Yeah Yeah, Suck It Queerbait!!" Matty Dangles

"Yeah?!.....Yeah!?....SUCK IT!!!"

"Yeah Yeah, you're a fag!" DS
by P. Benz November 17, 2005

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