a “realistic” social media app when users receive a notification at a random time telling them to ⚠️BeReal⚠️, and then have 2 minutes to send a picture of what they’re doing.
Has BeReal gone off?
by Elssssss November 18, 2022
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A new type of social media where at random, you're given two minutes each day to capture a BeReal and 'live in the moment.' No filters and stuff like followers doesn't matter. Most people's BeReals are of them doing boring everyday shit, which is kinda the point of the app.
Time to BeReal!

2 minutes left to capture a BeReal and show the world what you're up to!
by henryfromny2.0 November 12, 2022
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you have two minutes to post a pic of what you are doing and a selfie
*bereal goes off*
olivia: lets do it later when im at a party with my friends so it looks like im cool
keira: no olivia dont befake

olivia: oh yea i want people to see the real me

keira: yes olivia you do. you are the epitome of mankind.

olivia: naw your so sweet you can be in my selfie
keira: OMG YES GIRL get it

olivia: oh no two minutes is almost up i guess no retakes then
keira: you are always stunning on the first try dont even play with me right now
*stabs keira to show her raw emotion* #bereal
by palaceslaveandoldcloset September 16, 2022
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To do something aggressively or intensely.
"He was berealed 7 years ago and hasn't been the same since"
by ThomasDaTrain October 1, 2022
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