Themeli is a Greek name which comes from the island of Kalymnos .

Themeli's are known to be strong, handsom, hardworking and will never refuse to help out a freind
Girl 1 : Whose that strong handsom greek kid?

Girl2 : Thats Themeli
by pana 5 April 29, 2010
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Created in 2004, the first group of words written on top of a scroll. This usually sets up the pace and highlights the main pieces of the scroll. Typically, themes will reflect the general shape of the scroll that is being written on.
Theme: What are themes?

Spackle a freckle on the backbone of hogwash. Use themes for haagan daas. Plaster my knuckle with chiblits of lug nuts. Present me with a turtle neck.
by Scrollie September 24, 2006
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the person who says this will automatically render themselves one who enjoys being ragged in the arse
Max Jones: shut up u theme.
this literally means: shut up, get someone to put their cock in my arse
by robberAndBadman June 14, 2010
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Wanting something very badly; Jonesing for drugs, especially heroin. fiending
He's in his flat, theming for a fix. British slang.
by Big Money Sonny March 28, 2018
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something you can have or obtain. Theme is a unique sense of being, of self and of style. It takes a high level of awesomeness to gain and is very rare. People can most easily get theme in that one kickass outfit with good music and nice lighting.
Damn look Dan has Theme!
by 77grandeur77 February 22, 2019
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The ability to express oneself in either the art of graffiti, rap, skateboarding or shouting
MC Theme's got bare heavy lyrics.
by Andy Johnshaw March 3, 2005
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music that is put on during such a pure mood, that goes absolutely perfect with what you're feeling at the moment.
"i love storms like this, with heavy rain, thunder, and lightning"
"we need some theme music"
"put on those to come, it would be perfection"
by holymoleydood August 7, 2009
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