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Created in 2004, the first group of words written on top of a scroll. This usually sets up the pace and highlights the main pieces of the scroll. Typically, themes will reflect the general shape of the scroll that is being written on.
Theme: What are themes?

Spackle a freckle on the backbone of hogwash. Use themes for haagan daas. Plaster my knuckle with chiblits of lug nuts. Present me with a turtle neck.
by Scrollie September 23, 2006
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the person who says this will automatically render themselves one who enjoys being ragged in the arse
Max Jones: shut up u theme.
this literally means: shut up, get someone to put their cock in my arse
by robberAndBadman June 14, 2010
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one of the supah special editors in the editor chat room, among the other super special ones, including jeff, and muffito
"The ME: wat does Mk mean
muffito: means kk or k
The ME: or mmmmk
jeff741: oo ok
muffito: like mr garison in southpark
jeff741: ye
The ME: edzachery
The ME: Haha magek"
by The Meater December 13, 2009
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The ability to express oneself in either the art of graffiti, rap, skateboarding or shouting
MC Theme's got bare heavy lyrics.
by Andy Johnshaw March 03, 2005
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