The battle where the CIA got ass-raped by the Cubans. Castro heard about the few Cuban rebels that had CIA backing to attack Cuba and had his army waiting for them. Sort of like D-Day, except the Cuban rebels got their asses handed to them on a silver platter. The Kennedy administration proceeded to cry like a bunch of idiots, and Castro was happy.
Man, it sucked to be Kennedy after the Bay of Pigs!

Proof that communists are invincible.
by infidel_castro November 30, 2005
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The gross misconception that only a dozen or so quickly and poorly CIA trained Cuban washups can overthrow an entire government.
"A million dollars to anyone who can tell me what the fuck the Kennedy Administration was thinking with the Bay of Pigs"

"I really thought the town could be ours! Looks like I pulled a Bay of Pigs"
by kwashia January 11, 2005
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Having an orgy with two or more fat chicks in a bathtub
"That guy's a chubby chaser, I wonder if a bay of pigs is his thing"
by NapTime March 6, 2014
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The CIA directed the Bay of Pigs you dumbass.
Definition 1 is false because it was the CIA that directed the Bay of Pigs. Kennedy did the right thing by calling it off, then trying to get rid of the CIA.
by david smith, jr. February 20, 2008
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a place where unsightly people gather, usually public hot tubs or spa's
Lets go to the bay of pigs for a soak, remember don't stare.
by snidester February 22, 2008
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When a bar or party is full of ugly girls. Especially used when you are the first one there and have to report back to your friends
"Hey Nic, how's the party?"
"Man, it is a bay of pigs, I'm out of here!"
by Nic Z September 18, 2008
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