A place that, accept it or not, is the height of American insufferability. Meaning they believe that the place they are is the coolest and anyone who lives elsewhere and enjoys life is fooling themselves.
"Why don't those poor bastards realize if they thought and acted just like me they could truly be happy?"

PS I'm from there and call it Frisco just to piss the elitist off
by CAexpatriot February 22, 2005
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Bay Area in Memphis is another name for Frayser, which is north of downtown and east of Raleigh. It is home to rappers such as Three Six Mafia, Frayser Boy, 8 Ball & MJG, and many others. Lil Wyte is NOT from Frayser. He is actually from Shebly Forest which is a rural area north of Frayser. He just hung out in Frayser sometimes so he claims he's from there, but dont let him fool you.

Bay Area in Cali is whack as hell. Some ppl like to make it seem hood, but in reality its not. Sure there may be some ghetto parts, but as a whole the Bay Area in Cali is mostly white & liberal. Home to a large gay population, and tree huggers. Im sorry but its tru and you know it. So stop hating on Bay Area Memphis.

What do ppl think about when they hear San Francisco??

What do ppl think about when they hear Memphis??

Bay Area in Memphis is 100X realer than Bay Area Cali.
by Janeeelll June 27, 2006
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Although usually referring to the Northern region of California state, as of 2000, the term bay area was rebranded as an adjective which means gay. This is likely due to the renowned gay population of this region as well as the sexual preference of the man who proudly created this term.
"Bay areaaaaaaaaaaa" = I am gay.
"Yo that is hella bay" = That's gay.
"Bay area chronic!" = I am gay and have smoked good weed in my hometown of San Francisco.
by Ganni January 16, 2007
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Not just San Franscico. There are many Bay Area's including the:
Tampa Bay Area
Chesapeake Bay Area
Hudson Bay and so on.

Not known by most asshole Californians which believe the world revolves around them because 90% of television is set in California making them beleive that the rest of the country is full of the same cretins as they see everyday. Too arrogant, ignorant and egocentric to think outside of thier own little false reality. One of the many reasons the rest of the country prays that the Big One will one day wipe them from the face of the earth in a terrible and horrifying cataclism
by Rook April 22, 2005
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Formed in early 2011. Originally named Ocean City Lights. Currently working on uprising as a well known band. Danny Martinez (ex guitarist of El Paso local band Assistance To Suicide) along with Rodrigo Vazquez formed Bay Area to show those people if you have a dream to follow it no matter what gets in your way and so Bay Area was brought to life. Were from El Paso fucking texas but Cali and the Bay Area holds a shit load of our past.
by Rck'Sta! July 24, 2011
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