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The richest urban area in the US. Basically, if you're from the Bay you got money. Everyone has nice cars and live In nice houses. Divided into sections:
-Peninsula= San Fran, San Mateo, Daly City, Burlingame, hills borough, etc.. Uber expensive, classy, foggy, urban.
-Marin county= north bay, foggy, coldish, wealthiest county, classy, belvedere is hella rich.

-East bay= Oakland - poor rich gap, gangsters, raiders, rich people in the hills. Berkeley- hella smart and liberal. Richmond-oil refinery. Orinda- rich country club. Walnut creek/concord- suburb. Danville, Alamo, Diablo, blackhawk= uber rich, wealthiest part of California. Mount diablo largest view shed in Western Hemisphere.

-South Bay/Silicon Valley - pretty much every single tech company. Hotter weather,traffic, rich people, tech capital of the world.

In essence, the Bay Area is the center of the tech world, refineries, money, shipping.. It is extremely awesome- 8 million + people all rich and classy. Classiest and richest part of the United States.
You're from the Bay Area??

You must have money!

Why yes! I'm an executive at Google and I have 4 houses and I love wine and BMWs. I live in Los Altos Hills.
by californiaAlltheway July 09, 2014

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