Bay is an amazing friend. She is smart and kind. Loving and caring for everyone around her. She is in touch with everyone around her. She makes everyone's day in a single smile. She is beautiful without knowing. She is creative in her own ways. When you get a Bay in your life don't let her go.
Girl 1: I wish my best friend was Bay.

Girl 2: yeah I would be lucky to have her.
by Quotes_for-life! September 16, 2017
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bay is a word i coined in 94 way b4 that song bay bay & their talking about da dj folks not a girl or woman . OK .. da word bay has many meanings like beautiful and young ... beautiful and yummy .. beautiful african youthfulness . itz just what kind of female u talking 2 at dat time itz wordplay
bay i'm going 2 da store
by tricky ricky from da city September 29, 2011
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BAYS is an acronyms for: Back At You Soon.
Back At You Soon means: I'll text or call you back ASAP.
Had 2 w8 4 a red-lite 2 read ur text.
Cant chat now, Im driving......BAYS
by DJ SLO-DRAGG November 21, 2011
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v. slang for pirating, being pirated, leaked, etc.
Person 1. Duuude, Veil of Maya has been totally bayed. :O
Person 2: Waaaat!?
by mesherder February 14, 2012
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.. an early VW van with a "BAY" (1 piece) front screen
.. hey surf dude..nice BAY .. i got a splitty back in m yard
by Jeff Essex October 09, 2007
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To get bay: meaning to get baked, or to blaze.
1. Yo man let's go get bay.
2. I got so bay last night.
by jj izzle September 15, 2006
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