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ghetto ass term used by men in Augusta, GA that is short for baby.

A lazy ass alternative to using the word Baby when referring to your significant other.
"Bay, I'm sorry. You know luuv u."

"Bay, Why you'n fuck wit cha boy no more."

"Imma call you later Bay"

"Bay, why you ain't answer the phone."
by Brischenda December 03, 2009

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To invite someone to an event after telling them about it and not inviting them the first time.
I can't believe this bitch backhand-invited me to her birthday party!

I had to backhand-invite Sheila to my party. I assumed she would come when I was telling her about the plans weeks ago.

Damn! Now I have to backhand-invite my roommates to my party!
by Brischenda December 05, 2009

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