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Baumgartner. Bums.
1) To be faint of heart and weak minded
2) A strong supporter of LGBT causes and groups
3)An erratic minded person. Someone who is borderline.

3) Inbred

Chuck: Hey guys. I had sex with my coked up niece.

Paul: your such a Baumgartner dude.

Falina: hey guys I like to do drugs and accuse people of things falsely

Jake: stop being such a Baumgartner
Chuck was baumgartnering in a new town, and all the townsfolk chattered about his deficient mental state.
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Pronounced Bum-gart-ner

Well known for those who have BGS or Baumgartner syndrome. It's a mental disorder that affects several Americans. It involves being a pansy, calling the cops on someone rather then facing them man to man.

Baumgartner is also associated with cowardice and incest.

Mental retardation of Baumgartner is characterized by the wide eyes/bug eyes.
That Baumgartner is a real loser

Look! That Baumgartner is calling the police again!

I gave that Baumgartner a hard look, and he peed himself and ran away.

Look! That retarded blond Baumgartner has sex with her retarded bald uncle and they do coke together!
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A kid who thinks he is really good at football but really isn't also can be very annoying.
Person 1: why does he think he's so good?!
Person 2: I know what a Baumgartner.
by Swagga_kid19 October 19, 2016
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Origin: Felix Baumgartner (Fearless Felix) - sky-diver, 14 October 2012 he sky-dived from 128000ft, reaching 834 mph (Mach 1.24) in the process.

Meaning: To have the balls to do something completely insane (and way past anything seen before).

Way past dangerous, stupid, legendary, awesome, cool and/or idiotic

(This is most likely something that someone else would never consider or even dream of doing).

Context: To be a Baumgartner
Tim: John is a bit of a Baumgartner when it comes to climbing.

Matt: Yeah! I wouldn't climb that vertical cliff even if I was paid, he's got some balls.

Ben: Billy is too much of a Baumgartner on a bike for my liking.

Phil: Yeah, his BMX stunts are too dangerous.
by Fadum From The Forest October 15, 2012
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A Baumgartner is a psychotic Nazi fanatic. Often times they dress in lederhosen and slaughter jews in their past time. their favorite form of death for the jewish race is removing their genitalia and choking them with it.
in ze ghetto many of my fellow jewish accountants ver killed wis out mercy by ze baumgartners.
by jissabella April 12, 2009
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A slang term for a racist of German descent. Particularly hates Jews, blacks, and Mexicans. Typically obsessed with Nazi paraphernalia and maintains a fetish interest in Nazi uniforms and speaking German. Often likes the band Ramstein. Is not an actual member of neo-Nazi or white power groups, but enjoys the alleged "cool factor" of racism and pro-Nazi feelings among a certain subset of alienated white youth. Often, baumgartners are self-hating gay males who try to pass as straight and who enjoy the homoerotic nature of Nazi hypermasculinity and sadomasochism.
I went to high school in California, and a lot of the blue-collar white guys were baumgartners. They drew swastikas on their notebooks and joked about killing Jews and Mexicans.
by slickbillie August 16, 2009
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