The semen that squirts out of a woman's anus after anal sex.
Did you leak any Baumes onto my carpet?
by rakkasan July 12, 2008
Being baumed is having been fucked between the inner thighs instead of in the pussy. The girls lays on her side and lubes up her thighs and the guy proceeds to fuck them.
He didn't fuck me last night cause of my crabs, so he baumed me instead
by kcsoccer1121 May 2, 2010
A Gay queer that follows people around saying Stupid things.
by Forrest June 12, 2003
a person who never gets tired of talking about irrelevant stupid stuff and bulls***ting.
baums tend to repeat themselves over and over again
Dude stop talking about your wife in a physics class; you are being a real baum...
by yghm January 4, 2009
The TV repair man enters the room with this tool belt hanging loose, the music starts...BAUM CHICKA BAUM BAUM
by Annihalation November 9, 2007