Member of AA, host of drafts, fucking nasty.
by Yugen April 25, 2005
To spaz out; to completely and utterly lose it.
Man, did you hear Jerry last night? He was totally going baum.
by md5fungi March 29, 2010
When you feel a rumbling in your stomach, you run to the bathroom, sit down, and BOOM! its drops like a bomb! Baum is slang for the word "Bomb."
Ben:"Man I had a total Plotz Baum today!"
by Brandaminator October 10, 2006
the best human being alive. he gets all the girls. yum!
yo that kid josh baum is hot as fuck.
by penisbuttaidsass September 9, 2019
"Weil Baum" (English: Because/cause tree) is a way to answer sarcasticly to pretty much any question, comes from the german language. It can be used for question that are stupid/dumb, no one cars about, too obviouse, questions don't know the answer but you should or just to annoy you. "Weil Baum" means something like "I don't know" or "Because this is so/Because this is it" and should not translated word by word since it just brings up confusion. It is a good way to answer sarcasticly and not getting in too much trouble. It is also good to end pointless questions immediately!

A: "Hey, Du hast gesagt, dass die Erde rund sei... Wieso ist die Erde rund und nicht Flach???" ---> <Hey, you said that the earth is round... Why is the earth round and not flat???>

B: "Weil Baum"

A: "..."


A: "Ich hasse dich!" ---> <I hate you!>

B: "Wieso? :(" ---> <Why? :(>

A: "Weil Baum"

B: "Danke. . . -_-" ---> <Thanks. . . -_->
by Weil_Baum May 4, 2017
Pierson is one of a kind. You can't get a better fucking friend than this kid. He will always have your back and be a brother to you. He's always there to help in the long run, he makes everything better. Pierson Baum just is the best person, friend, and brother to ever have.
Pierson Baum, man I wish I had a brother like Pierson!
by 17171727 john March 29, 2017
The one guy who stopped TikTok from being called the world's stupidest site.
by Pspspspspspsps January 19, 2021