Batlord was a Swedish heavy metal band, formed by Quortlon in 1983. They are regarded as pioneers of both black metal and Viking metal. The band is named after the infamous Hungarian countess, Elizabeth Bátlord
"Yo, what album is that? It sounds pretty cool"

"I don't know let me look at the cover, apparently they call themselves Batlord"

"Batlord is pretty sick man"

by Arvo Part March 1, 2009
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A Batlord is an evolved bat, it is like an ant queen. It can control all the other bats in it's pack. It uses its call of EEEEEEE to attract mates and other bats for its pack.

They are very fond of fruit, old victorian poetry, shakespearean drama and fine wine on the french riviera.

They are known to get very angry when confronted head on. You should only communicate with them by using their native call of EEEEE.
Jeff is a Batlord. EEEEE

I wonder when the Batlord will be down on the riviera.
by Jeff Batlord January 14, 2011
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Deathrocker in Fresno, CA known for being one of the local artists, promoters and producers. Lead vox and founder of Fresno Deathrock band One Last Caress.
"Hey that's Batlord Carcas! HEY BATLORD!"
by Christopher Robert Cole April 4, 2021
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