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Goth Punk (or Gothic Punk) is the definition of the roots of dark punk, which is what Goth is. They were originally called DEATHROCKERS, or DEATH PUNKS. In the beginning heydays of punk rock(late 1970's/early 1980's) there were bands like TSOL from Orange County, Siouxsie & The Banshees from the UK, and Chritian Death from L.A. They created a dark form of punk that had defied the borders of the Anarcho/Peace Punks (from the UK), and American Hardcore punks (espeically the Anit-Fashion types) tastes.

Musically, the term goth punk today helps define the sound of bands that have an old school hardcore punk (aka street punk or Thrash) sound with dark lyrics and optionally added keyboard/symphonic samples and electronics. Since goth has strayed away from its punk roots with the rise of Nu-Metal, EBM, and Emo-Pop, the rebellious reaction is more extremely "punk" style goth bands arising in the underground.
Goth Punk Bands:
-Alkaline Trio
-Christian Death
-Flesh Eaters
-Kommunity FK
-Love Equals Death
by Christopher Robert Cole March 17, 2006
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Deathrocker in Fresno, CA known for being one of the local artists, promoters and producers. Lead vox and founder of Fresno Deathrock band One Last Caress.
"Hey that's Batlord Carcas! HEY BATLORD!"
by Christopher Robert Cole April 4, 2021
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