An exquisite liquid refreshment consisting of the bath water of whomever you chose.

Bath water can come in all types of colors, flavors, and textures.
I would love to drink Becky's bathwater.
I drank your delicious bath water
by Becky'sBathWater November 22, 2021
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When a girl is extremely hot you can drink her bathwater
Damn bro that girl that works there is total BATHWATER
by SQUEEEZE831 October 9, 2009
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1) Alex really enjoys bathwater!
Damn, dude you got any water? Asked Joe “No, man only *slides sunglasses down* Bathwater!”
by BillyBobwith5o’s November 25, 2018
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1)The water that you find in the bath tub.

2)An amazing song by No Doubt
I love to wash in your old bathwater
by nodoubter May 21, 2006
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While taking a bath, a male furiously and vigorously masterbates over and over again dropping as many jizz oysters as he can in the bath and watching them float.
Jervis got home from school and decided to take a bath. After entering the tub, he decided to get himself off and started Chumming the Bathwater.
by Eaton Holgoode June 25, 2009
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A woman so fine you would drink a mug of her bathwater after an hour long soak.
"Wow that girl is so fine. I'm going to make her my bathwater princess."
by Grandmasta Joelk Swoop December 29, 2016
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Someone who loves the bathwater of typically a an attractive female gamer and will do anything to acquire the bathwater.
John: Do you like female gamer bathwater?

Bruce: Hell no! You definitely a bathwater hoe.
by AxelJD December 21, 2019
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