riddim is no slang, riddim is sacred. this word describes rhythmic patterns that are handed down from generations. virtually all the reggae you are familar with is based on classic riddims, shit even the james bond theme is based on a riddim. riddim is part of the soul it is ancient!
this riddim is in the style of rub a dub dub
by dubpl8s January 7, 2004
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(i)Rhythm or beat. Particularly reggae, dancehall.
(ii)In praise of a good/funky rhythm or beat.
(i) If you can't chat over sleng-teng riddim, you might as well give up.

(ii) I listened to Twisted's new tune and thought 'riddim'!
by MaNaTaRmZ August 25, 2003
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A genre of dubstep that goes "pwhoosh whamp wub wub wub wub"
More hardcore than Catstep, less hardcore than nothing. Besides maybe Extratone.
Bro did you hear the latest riddim song by Barely Alive? shit goes "wub wub wub wub"
by sweester December 8, 2019
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The slight jiggle "in the trunk" that a carribean woman has as she walks down the street. Imagine the 'double beat' sound of reggae, as correlating to a rump rising and falling, jiggling slightly because the woman has some extra fat there.
Bwoyy, gi'll got RIDDEM, derr!
by MNO June 22, 2005
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What idiots listen to. A bad sounding kind of dubstep music that will trigger an extreme and violent rage that can only be satisfied by attacking the source of the horrible noise. Some people think they're cool for listening and talking about riddim, but they're not. Riddim is a great way to identify dumbasses, they will be talking about it.

If you witness someone talking about riddim like it's cool, please correct them by insulting their musical preferences and intelligence. If we all work together, we can get rid of this shit.
"Hey man, I heard you listen to Riddim. We're not friends anymore."
by Morthrod January 14, 2019
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New York slang term for very very heavy and gross sounding/ disturbing sounding dubstep. This genre is described as loud, and distinguished electronic banging noises;hey are usually repetative and follow a simple rhythm. People dancing to this music usually bang their head very hard to this music or dances provocatively in slow motion. This music is associated with the EDM scene and has become popular over the years. Some riddim dubstep artists are: Kj sawka, boogie t, subtronics, dirt monkey, midnight tyrannosaurus, or Monxx
"Dude, were you at that riddim show last weekend in BK? "

"Are you into riddim?"
by A function February 18, 2018
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Riddim is a genre in Edm that has been blowing up thanks to artist like MONXX and Excision bringing light to it. Riddim is like dubstep , but worse on your ears. Usually riddim is off beat, repeats the same sound over and over again, and has a group of "head bangers" headbanging to the said off beats sounds.
Guy 1: Hey man you listen to riddim?

Guy 2: What the fuck is a riddim?
by FuckIDK November 28, 2017
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