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Perfection. Wants to be the best at everything. Loyal as a dog, doesn't deserve all the crap he goes through. Tall, handsome and athletic, with an amazing character. Has a killer smile. Will take a bullet for his close friends and his family. Does not back down from any fight. Can be sadistic and violent with his enemies.
Omg did you see Basit today? I want him so bad, he has such a beautiful body!!!
Yo man, them men got Basit on their side! We can't win!
by rk1694 November 30, 2013
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Definition of perfection. Loves gaming. He is a very kind, genorous and loving person . Has a huge respect for everyone. Is a very handsome gentlemen. Is very loyal with a killer smile to die for and he has the most beautiful brown eyes that anyone can fall in love with. He loves to crack up funny jokes all the time when he is with his family and friends, but remains quiet and serious when his not. Everyone loves his sense of humour and he is the the one who lights up every party. He is a very cute, cuddly panda like person anybody could have. Would make a perfect life partner.
I wish that basit knew how much I love him.
Basit is like the moon that everyone looks up to and admires but no can be like, not even in a million years.
by YourSecretAdmirer6277 May 30, 2018
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Basit, the cuddliest, softest, cutest panda-like person one will ever come across. Often rowdy amongst the male sex however shows great love and affection towards females. Basit's also love enormous bowls of pasta which they can guzzle down in seconds. Basit's adore women with massive ASSetts, both upstairs and downstairs. They tend to have large ears. Always tickle a Basits tummy and he will forever be loyal to you.
Basit wants the booty.

Look at his ears! He must be a Basit.
Never confuse Basit with basket.
by momoshaka April 27, 2015
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1.A guy with a huge penis, every blonde girl loves a Basit and usually will cheat on her boyfriend so they can experience him. 2. A successful Boy that all girls love.
Girl:" I had the best time last night"
Friend:" What did you do?"
Girl: " I was with Basit!"
by Zeus87 January 10, 2012
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A crackwhore faggot who's addicted to crystal meth and has basically the tiniest penis anyone has ever seen. And have i even talked his KIND yet...He's a fucking &@%%@₹.Also his mom is gone.
Dude is that my dad? Why he is he beating me?

Yo basit where the fucks my weed at nigga??

Hold up a sec my dads touchin ne
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