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usually exclaimed in a moment of surprise, excitement, or pleasure.
Bob:"Dude, we won the tournament!"

Jesse: "Yeah, man! Basil!"
by thetagman June 05, 2007
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The most amazingly kind and sexy man you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting. He isn't all looks however, Basil is also brilliant. If you ever find a Basil, snatch him up.
"Look there goes Basil. He is so hot."
by McPseudonym November 24, 2011
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A unit of measurement for a girl's weight, usually around 110 lbs.
Matt: I can't believe I banged that chick last night...
Kyle: What the fuck dude!?! She was at least three basils!
by The_Stick February 15, 2011
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An urgent urge to take a shit when not in the homely environment. Urgent in the sense that a hand is required to push it up to stop the shit from coming out. For example in a mall or University.
Bruv, what the hell was in that curry. I went to work and I had some next level basil.

That Immodium worked wonders on that basil.
by Little_Mizz_Pharmacy November 16, 2011
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Basil is a word you can call someone if you do not feel the need to say their real name, you could just replace their name with Basil. Just a casual saying around the Hampshire region, but let's get the nation involved!
you alright Basil?
by Mollaise May 05, 2011
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a Russian Blue who is passionate about hunting. He usually disappeared out to nowhere and will only run straight back when his name is being called in a certain tone.
girl calling out at the back courtyard: Basil (tone 1)...Basil(tone 2)...Basil(tone 3)...Basil (tone 4)...
Neighbour: geez, Basil, just go back to her!!!!
by Basil Vladimir Alexander April 02, 2012
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