That one girl around that knows everyone, is obsessed by shoes (and is upset if a person has the same ones), says “I am sooo thicc ” meanwhile they hardly have a butt. They also are the typical cheerleader, who only has pictures of themselves on Instagram. They will normally have a Snapstreak with half of the people they have ever met. Normally has a very typical name, probably meaning beauty.
Girl #1: I can’t believe it this kid actually thinks he’s hot. (Pulls our iPhone and shows all people around her).

Boy #1: Bella you are such a basic white girl.

(Everyone around agrees)
by Alexis.Isabella123 February 28, 2018
2019 basic white girl:

✰ vans
✰ scrunchies
✰ iphone
✰ hydroflasks
✰ jeep wrangler
✰ airpods
fjällräven kånken bags
✰ shell necklace
✰ pura vida
✰ birkenstocks
✰ crocs
✰ lululemon
✰ mario badescu
ron jon shop shirt
✰ long tee with athletic shorts
✰ vineyard vines
✰ simply southern
✰ tube tops
✰ brandy melville
✰ urban outfitters
✰ watches emma chamberlain, hannah meloche, or ellie thumann
✰ lofi and indie music
✰ friendship bracelets
✰ nike air force 1s
✰ patagonia
✰ mirror selfies
✰ c1 or m5 filtered photos
✰ snapchat scores over 20,000
✰ loves the beach
✰ metal straw
✰ acrylics
✰ tapestrys
✰ fairy lights
✰ starbucks
✰ chickfila
Sophie: Guys, what should I buy Heather for her birthday?

Emma: Practically anything a basic white girl would need.

Kaitlyn: Get her some new hydroflask stickers!

Madeleine: I'm getting her a yellow fjallraven kanken bag!

Audrey: Get her a fluffy pom pom key chain for her white Jeep Wrangler!
by ANDPEGGYY June 22, 2019
-Wears either black leggings or yoga pants every single day.

-Wears baggy long-sleeve shirts.

-Dresses in Winter/Fall clothing even if it's Spring or Summer.

-Often has no personality or uniqueness.

-Thinks she's fit but is actually quite out of shape and doesn't work out.

-Hair is either extremely thin and long or is tied up in a messy bun.

-Dresses athletically for no reason.


-Either wears ugg boots or white Adidas sneakers.

-Spray tans.

-On iPhone 24/7.

-Got a boyfriend in middle school.

-Is lazy but thinks she has an active lifestyle.

-On all social medias, specifically Instagram and Snapchat.

-Phone background is a picture of her with her friends, all doing the duckface.



-Only has the naked eyeshadow palette and nothing else.

-Boy Crazy.

-Acts slutty but doesn't dress so.

-Wears tees for bands that she doesn't even know about that much.

-Thinks she's different yet is literally just a carbon copy of 90% of white girls.
Look at that girl on her Iphone in black leggings with Starbucks. She is SUCH a basic white girl.
by Chiaki Nom-ami April 28, 2019
Is white
Is Blonde
Likes Starbucks
Uses 3 or more social networking sites
Wears leggings
Shops at Victoria Secret
Likes infinity signs ( jewelry, tattoos, clothes)
Likes tik tok by Kesha
Occasionally corrects other peoples grammar
Uses far too many emojis

If you are more than three of these you're a basic white girl. If all, seek immediate help.
by Incognito 13 August 31, 2019
A girl usually white (no offense to white people), who...

1.) Wears converse (usually white colored) and brown ugg boots

2.) Loves movies like "To all The Boys I've Loved Before" and "The Kissing Booth"

3.) Wears highwaisted jeans and crop tops from Forever 21, or Brandy Melville

4.) Plays volleyball

5.) Has no butt and is shaped like a pole

6.) Claims that they love food even though they don't eat

7.) When they do eat they eat Chick Fil A because they have abandoned Chipotle

8.) Are obsessed with their dog (but who's not?)

9.) Think they are fat when their bones are popping out

10.) Wear addidas joggers and hats

11.) Pretend that they wear glasses

12.) Get braces because they are "cute"

13.) Claims that their hair is greasy and uses dry shampoo

14.) Doesn't know how to say excuse me

15.) Has a mom who gives them anything they want

16.) Has an IPhone XS or XS Max

17.) Names are, Chelsea, Briana, Casey, Kelsey, Lindsay, Maddie, Brooke,Lilly, Caitlyn, Allison, Mackenzie, Abby, Alyssa etc..
Brian: Look, there's Maddie!
Tyler: Yeah she's a basic white girl, definitely my type.
by Anonymous_avocado December 12, 2018
A girl that claims she’s different when shes doing everything other people do. She spends all her father’s money buying Brandy Melville shirts that look the same. She uses black slang around black girls. She strives to be everyone’s favorite when she’s really just annoying. She makes fun of black woman for wearing protective styles when her hair is oily and it hasn’t been washed in months.
Basic White Girl: I’m so quirky hahah

Random: no you’re not, you’re just obnoxious
by Phillip ||| May 26, 2020