To instantaneously extract yourself from a sub-optimal situation, often at great risk to your personal safety, professional reputation, or social standing
Original Use:
I just got called in to my partner's office to explain why the memo was late. All I wanted to do was to kick out a window and base jump the fuck outta there.

Modern Use:
Guy 1: I got caught in a conversation with Rufus again - that dude is so freakin' awkward.
Guy 2: I would have base jumped out of there by kicking him in the balls and running away.
by wittc December 11, 2008
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BASE jumping literaly stands for Building, Antenna, Span (bridge), Earth (cliff).

When skydiving isnt quite enough what do you do, base jump. Jumping from a fixed object. It is the craziest fucking shit ever. Basicaly you find a building or anything thats about 400ft and up, and jump off pulling your chute only seconds from the ground. If your reall skilled you do some flips and spins on the way down. There a some hot spots around the world like New River Gorge Bridge (USA), Petronas Towers (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), and many more.

by $kYd!v3r October 2, 2005
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BASE is an acronym that stands for; Building, Antenna, Span (ex. a bridge), Elevation (ex. a cliff). To become a "base jumper", participants in this extreme sport are required to parachute from at least one of each of the four structures/elevations that make up it's name.
Pro snowboarder, Jim Rippey can be seen performing a base jump from an antenna in the movie, TB8.
by Jonny|B June 28, 2005
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The sport that only very cool or stupid people do that involves running and then jumping of the side of a cliff or object. After having a wild fall downwards the person pulls their parachute hoping that it opens. If not they die.
<some boy> hey girl did you see steve on the news?
<some girl>no, what happened?
<some boy> he went to argentina and died base jumping
<some girl>ahh, i told him to zig when he thought he should zag
by That Damn Sheep June 17, 2005
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referring to the "bases" of sex, i.e. first base- making out. Thus a base jumper is someone who skips over a base.
John: Damn i hear robby went from first to third with you last night!
Jane:What can i say? He is a trained base jumper.
John:Damn bitch
by Fri July 10, 2005
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