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Someone who masturbates in computer class and claims the didn't do it. Can also be used as a verb to say someone was doing this. Also when it is said, you usually clap your hands to simulate the tapping sound
Parents: "so how is nate doing in class?"
Computer teacher: "he jerks off all the time!"

Josh: "why did Chris get in trouble?"
Mike: "he was caught nating in class!"
by natek July 07, 2012

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The hershey candy bar with the biggest frikin name ever. They must've had some real good ideas on the name thinking this one up.
Hershey board meeting:

CEO 1:So do we have any suggestions for this new candy bar. No?, well lets put on our thinking caps guys, because this is one hard nut to crack. Its more of a watchamacallit?
by NateK July 10, 2005

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One who is not very bright.
Kid1: Watcha got there, ice cream?
Kid2:No shit sherlock!
by NateK July 11, 2005

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A little car that could do well at a circus as a clown car. Good Job Mini!
Q:How the fuck can you fit 10 clowns in a Mini?

A: Easy, you don't, can't, and never will.
by NateK July 11, 2005

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The biggest frikin "SUV" in the entire world. For such a big "SUV", its got a very small gas mileage. It pulls out of the gas station and runs outta gas. More like a monster truck than a "SUV".
Gas Attendant: Shes all filled up Ned, and this time it only took 1 hour to climb up to the gas cap.

Ned: Thanks dude, how much do I owe ya?

Gas Attendant: Lets see, it comes around to about $2,440.

Ned: Better than last time!
by NateK July 11, 2005

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clear terms to all you bright people.
Its when you fu** an animal.
"Hey Sparky, you like the taste of penis don't you? Yes you do, yes you do!
by NateK July 10, 2005

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when your stupid enough to jump off a building. Simple enough
Why the hell would you jump off a building
by NateK July 10, 2005

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