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Verb - to talk complete bullshit and subsequently try to pass yourself off as intelligent.
"Oh my goooooooood, Warcraft and World of Warcraft are two completely different things. Whitcher, you're poor. Yeh. Yeh. How do you like that? I just owwwned you."

"Shut the fuck up, you're Barrying".

"Oh yeh, season 100 of Family Guy is out. I was watching this one episode where Peter ummmm Peter takes a crap whilst playing Warcraft (which is totally different to World of Warcraft)."
by bird_cage_beard August 13, 2010
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When someone comes up with the biggest pile of ballshit the world has ever seen. Invented By Mathew Barry. Barrying can only be used to describe continuous amounts of ball shit that makes their breath smell like a baby elephants rectum.

Simple term - lying
An example of Barrying is 'I do not play world of warcraft!' or 'Did you know when monkeys fart it actually releases a highly toxic substance that causes 'ALIENS TO TAKE OVER HIS BODY!!!! WHAAAAAAAT!!!!!! THEYRE FIRING XRAY BEAMS OUTB OF THEIR RADIOACTIVE SUPER CORES!! USE YOUR ZAPPY GUN TO STOP THEM!!! KAPEWPEW KAPLOWY PEW PEW KAPLOWY!! DOCTOR WE NEED YOU TO DEFUSE THIS ATOM BOMB!! ALL IN A DAYS WORK!!!!
by stonedemofish May 26, 2010
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