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Working endlessly on a really difficult literature assignment. The word came from Ms. Barrett, an intimidating and yet loving literature teacher.
Non-Barretter: "Hey wanna go out for movies tonight?"
Barretter: "Nah, about 3 more hours of barretting to go, on the writings of Emerson."

Non-Barretter: "I read books to entertain myself."
Barretter: "I read books to find the Truth."
by Guy from SF August 08, 2011
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Leading on a person you have no true interest in. Popping in and out of a life in times of boredom . Checking in to make sure a person is thinking of you especially in the process of moving on.
He was barretting the fuck out of her every time she gets it together here he comes popping up.
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Not wanting a person yet leading them on.
Once that person moves on and you randomly hit them up so that they never get over you. Popping in occasionally to ensure that they're still on your mind.
person 1: I wonder what Alex is doing
Person 2: you don't even like him any more leave him slob n and stop barretting him.
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