An album released in 1983 just after the death of Randy Rhoads. also the name of the song on the album.
oh oh yea bark at the moon OWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!
by Ozzyrules January 2, 2005
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1. A song by Ozzy Ozzborn
2. Analingus; The act of giving oral pleasures to your partner's anus; Eating out the anus; Tounging an anus; Shoving your tongue into an anus and exploring via tongue.
Guy 1: Damn, her ass is FINE!
Guy 2: I'd like to bark at HER moon!
Guy 1: wtf o_O


Guy: So, bend over?
Girl: Why?
Guy: I want to bark at the moon! :D *Howls*
Girl: O_O
Guy: Please?
Girl: Fine v_v
by Kajiotaku October 26, 2007
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gaping a girl ass as to fasten inside a flashlight, that will illuminate her ass to look like that of the moon, then you and your friends bark at her in her shame
mark: that whore last night totally let us bark at the moon
blu: no way

mark:yup and she wouldn't give back my flashlight
by mark springs October 7, 2011
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1. You're a bitch and not worth my time. Usually in response to an unreasonable request.
Man 1: Can you do my paper for me?
Man 2: Eat shit and bark at the moon.
by candorsmayhem October 12, 2007
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This quote is often used when telling someone off...
Basically, your calling them a dog.
by That Crazy Fat Girl December 20, 2016
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An insult spoken to anyone who's done something bad to you or insists on wasting your time after you've asked them not to.
After Ron took my sister on a first date he told me she was a little fat and didn't have much of a personality. I told him to eat shit and bark at the moon and never go near her again.
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