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A turkish boy with an amazing voice, a very kind and helpful person.
He Gets all the girls because he's very hot and girls just can't resist him!
Girl1:Who's that guy over there, he's hot!
Girl2:Oh, that's Baris, my boyfriend he's amazing and has an wonderful voice!
Girl1:You're so lucky!
by Bensonboy July 17, 2009
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Originally from Northumberland, England. Means something nice or good, can refer to food or a woman's breasts.
That lass' tits are bari, man
by Robert Shields January 18, 2012
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Meaning of a woman who retrieves oral sex from yigger rapist, prefferably gay and mullet haired ones.

Word of a small penis.

yigger- Yellow nigger. (asian)

HOLY FUCK, that chick just got a baris.

Woah man, that guy has a baris
by RedHotNoBody May 27, 2008
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This nigga big gay he thinks he can play soccer but he really cant LMFAOO. He is Kurdish, AND obviously is in ESL he says the N word a lot even though he isn't black. He is friends with everyone that is kurdish and of course he has no life and plays fortnite every day and sometimes go to Wonderland.He also does his Math in 2 mins but cant write one sentence in English
Ethan:Hey guys!
Baris:Hey whats up NIgger
Ethan:Boi what did I say!
Ethan Beats Baris
via giphy
by EndlessEthan June 11, 2018
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