A turkish boy with an amazing voice, a very kind and helpful person.
He Gets all the girls because he's very hot and girls just can't resist him!
Girl1:Who's that guy over there, he's hot!
Girl2:Oh, that's Baris, my boyfriend he's amazing and has an wonderful voice!
Girl1:You're so lucky!
by Bensonboy July 17, 2009
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a turkish human beeing, commonly a boy, who is the result of everything good of this world. he has a beautiful voice, he is smart, he has a big heart, is very strong and also very beautiful. if you meet him you will never want to let him go. all boys are see him as a big brother, all girls see him as a potential future husband. he is everything
A: Hey, who is your friend?
B: It‘s Baris.
A: Ohh, i should‘ve known. He is so perfect! I am so jealous
by Nathan Fellaham January 25, 2018
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He is one of the funniest and sweetest boys. He often makes fun of others and is sometimes mean and does not care about others. He likes to go out with friends and is also a very athletic guy.
Girl1: Oh this boy is cute. Who is that?
Girl2: That‘s Baris , he‘s so cute

Girl3: I like him a lot
by AtlantisLetsche January 8, 2019
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The person is “fit” or the “best you’ve ever seen”
by 🙃🙄 January 16, 2019
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Math teacher known for wearing sandles and an earing. Has extreme disliek for the word "obvious" and often gives too much homework. However, isknown for being extremely forgetful, and often forgets he has a class to teach.
"Knock Knock Barys."
"Let's go mug Barys."
by academy kid February 16, 2004
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When patty eats too much at the buffet
When the ground shook, the basement kids new patty was on her bari shit
by basementbarbers April 3, 2020
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A term used by northern folk typically used to desribe something that is very good, amazing and exciting.
Person 1: ere lad you want a pint getting from the bar mush?

Person 2: yeah bari lad I'll get the next round in.

Person 1: yeah cushty bari don't worry about it I won on the fruity

Person 2: that's double bari that I'll let you get them all in mush
by Doublebarimush March 6, 2019
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